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To revitalize man through his art seems to be his underlying concern. Consequently, tone can only be detected if his art is approached like apoern, as a medium for direct communication with the reader. The reader confronts a fragmented, contradictory world contrived in accordance with a Modernist conception of reality. To the poetic sensibility, however, a sense of unifkation and purpose can be found in the midst of darkness and fragmentation. As Green points out, 'The truth is, these times are an absolute gift to the writer.

You'll give me fits' she said. 'And the government inspector's meant to look to all that but there's a woman comes to our place mostly and what can she know about it. And there ain't a girl in the whole factory. ' 'That's right' she said 'don't get into argument with that sort ... 248) The Eameses' self-sufficiency is a conscious attitude which they adopt to make possible the growth of the garden. Even ifthe Eameses' values answer to the ideal communicated in Living, this does not imply that Green advocates escape into private seclusion and avoidance of social responsibility.

Consequently, the use of montage is not as essential here as in other works ofGreen. Most of his fiction contains an intricate fabric of disparate scenes and points of view. Montage highlights values and tone in relation to characters' interaction with a contradictory reality. 2 Living (1929) As pointed out in the Introduction, Green's idea of 'nonrepresentational' fiction entails the conveyance of life's complexity. This effect is achieved through authorial 'disengagement' (although not consistently maintained in Green's early novels), through visualization and the use of metaphor.

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