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So he told him what had occurred; and, behold, the Chief of Police appeared with Ahmad Kamakim the robber at his stirrup, when he found the Commander of the Faithful sore enraged. " asked the Emir. " Then Ahmad Kamakim received a written warrant to enter and perforce search the houses;--And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased to say her permitted say. When it was the Two Hundred and Sixty-fourth Night, She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that Ahmad Kamakim got what he wanted, and received a written warrant to enter and perforce search the houses; so he fared forth, taking in his hand a rod[FN#98] made of bronze and copper, iron and steel, of each three equal-parts.

Thus far concerning her; but as regards Ala al-Din he donned mourning dress and declined the Divan, abiding tearful-eyed and heavy-hearted at home. " "I hear and I obey," replied Ja'afar. '" When the Caliph had made an end of condoling with him, he charged him not to absent himself from the Divan and returned to his palace. " So presently he carried him into his serraglio and calling a slave-girl named Kút al-Kulúb, said to her, "Ala al-Din had a wife called Zubaydah, him and solace him of cark and care; but she of Almighty Allah, and now I would have thee the lute,"--And Shahrazad perceived the dawn saying her permitted say.

And I will die for love of him," answered Jessamine. " However, Allah inclined the hearts of the slave-girls to her and they used to do her service in the kitchen. Such was the case with Jessamine; but as regards Ala al-Din they carried him, together with the stolen goods, to the Divan where the Caliph still sat upon his throne. " And he commanded to hang him. " And the folk flocked to the place where the gallows stood. Thus far concerning him; but as regards Ahmad al-Danaf, Ala al-Din's adopted father, he was sitting making merry with his followers in a garden, and carousing and pleasuring when lo!

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