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By James C. VanderKam, George W. E. Nickelsburg

1 Enoch used to be a huge and renowned textual content in old Judaism, good attested one of the manuscripts at Qumran, and a key piece of the puzzle of Jewish origins. George W. E. Nickelsburg and James C. VanderKam have now revised their translation at the side of their e-book of the whole volumes on 1 Enoch within the Hermeneia statement sequence. this can be the single English translation of one Enoch that takes under consideration the entire textual facts now to be had within the Ethiopic model, the Greek texts, and the useless Sea Aramaic fragments–texts no longer to be had, for instance, in average variants of the useless Sea Scrolls.

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In some regions in the spiritual world, there are spirits of different levels of evolution, just as may occur with incarnate people who are at different levels to which they belong. An inexperienced man, who just starting off in the world of business, can easily be deceived by dishonest people. The natural tendency of man is to trust, until the germs of distrust are planted in his soul. It is only after some disappointments that an inexperienced person learns how to defend himself against the traps of slander and, sadly, he finally understands that, among mankind, the law of the jungle still predominates.

If mediums desire the presence of good spirits, and their agreement in the tasks they have to accomplish, then it is obvious that they need to face mediumship in a responsible way, doing their best for the service to others. Mediums who are not committed should not count on a regular help from the Spiritual Benefactors. Insecure or undecided mediums who do not know what to do with their mediumship will never attract the affinity of the good spirits. Mediums without discipline, or vacillating in their faith, would not have the right to complain nor receive the support of the Spiritual Friends.

That is why we, in this chapter, will deal with this, giving guidelines on what we consider to be most relevant. Usually, when mediumship manifests itself in adolescents between twelve and seventeen years old, without 66 Carlos A. Baccelli We are all Mediums Odilon Fernandes discrimination of sex, its symptoms, in the majority of the cases, are temporary. That is to say, the adolescents, as their psychic power begins to reveal itself, are more susceptible to the influence of spirits who live amongst Mankind on Earth.

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1 Enoch: The Hermeneia Translation by James C. VanderKam, George W. E. Nickelsburg

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